Together! Study Center

Training & Education

  • Together! provides a fully equipped, accessible Project and Training Center in Addis Ababa in which capacity building is provided in form of TVET accredited Basic Computer Skill Training in adaptive computer applications, Braille literacy and Low Vision, health and independent living skills, English language and Entrepreneurship for visually impaired young adults. Besides training, assistant tangible and audible study materials are being produced.
  • The rationale behind IT training is most blind students were not getting access to Information Technology, due to limited access & facilities for the students (particularly at the primary & secondary level) it is difficult to get access for computer training.
  • The implementation of this program has graduated 34 people with visual impairment and they were and assigned in various schools, colleges, blind focused organizations and government offices to teach other people with similar disabilities and helped the empowerment of 643 visually impaired students (266 male and 377 female).
  • 100 persons (50 male , 50 female ) were benefited and accessed information to their education, references and entertainment purpose. Moreover, 10 other visually impaired beneficiaries who received IT educational support taught others with similar disability and gained income.