Rehabilitation & Cross-Cutting Issues


  • The rehabilitation service is intended to support women with visual impairment and their children who were brought from the street with psycho-social problems depression and harsh poverty.
                                                      Rehabilitation work unit has four major sub-work units:
Temporary Rehabilitative Shelter:
  • Community-based rehabilitation service for twenty-five women with visual impairment per year in a program running for two years;
Temporary-Rehabilitative-Shelter-300x144 Rehabilitation & Cross-Cutting Issues
Drop in Center:
  • Together!’s Drop in Center supports children of visually impaired parents by providing nutritious food, informal education, creative class, child counselling and storytelling from Monday to Friday. Playing In-Door and Out-Door Games is part of the services given to the Drop-In Center Children.
Drop-in-Center-2-300x137 Rehabilitation & Cross-Cutting Issues
  • Together! with its scholarship program focused on mainly assisting visually impaired individuals and their families who are attending their class under economic constraints, vulnerable situations, and in urgent need of holistic assistance and Income Generating Activities (IGA) the scholarship that is a one-time investment to embark on self-initiated and sustainable income-generation activities and small business.
Social-Outreach-300x140 Rehabilitation & Cross-Cutting Issues
Social Outreach:
  • The outreach program is the Sub  Project of Rehabilitation which began in 2016. It is designed to undertake in a place where needy visually impaired people who are living in the community and beneficiaries of Together! as well as other disabled beneficiaries who live in the community by participating in coffee ceremony to share experience with the sighted community about the ability and challenges of visually impaired people.