Job Integration

Job Inclusion with Sub-units

Job Inclusion:
  • Leather production Sub-Unit; • Income-generating activities related to training Sub-Unit; • Job inclusion or placement Sub-Unit for assisting blind beneficiaries in getting employment.
Awareness Raising:
  • Events and Encounters program, one of the major ways the Work-Unit for promoting awareness among the society at large has been inviting sighted guests to a “dinner-in-the-dark” event which is conducted in a completely darkened room. The guests are ushered to their seats by waiters and waitresses withvisual impairment, to their seats and served food and drinks.  In the course of the dinner, musicians with visual impairment play instrumental music proper to the occasion. The guests could also be asked to distinguish certain things by smell or touch following dinner. This program has proved to be an effective way for demonstrating the capabilities and various talents of persons with visual impairment, the challenges they face, and the struggle they engage in, to overcome such hardships and challenges. As Together is one of our active partners and as such we are very much aware of the effort it exerts to empower persons with visual impairment in all aspects of development, we would like to recommend to Abilis to support the realization of such a noble cause by supporting its effort in managing the various projects it has embarked on and to reach more needy persons with visual impairment.