Awareness Raising

Job Inclusion:
  • Getting the required education in Together! the beneficiaries need to work in various fields so as to assist themselves and their respected family.
  • As part of the job hunting process they also learn how to organize CVs and how to make follow up to engage with the concerned offices. Besides, other than finding jobs some are capable to create jobs of their own based on the Income generating training they acquired from the organization.
  • Together provide them with seed money and assisting materials to generate income for their livelihood. This will help them to be equal partner with the community they lived with.
Awareness Raising:
  • The main problem of visual impairment is lack of awareness about challenges and capabilities of visually impaired people among the sighted society.
  • Thus, it is imperative to launch awareness creation program which is intended to mitigate unwanted attitude towards them and to inculcate positive attitude towards them.