Monthly Archive April 12, 2021


Hear The Blind Spot Campaign is a sonified data-driven web experience that champions the need for a more inclusive and accessible internet. It tells the story of a visually impaired young woman in Ethiopia called Desta. Through music, Desta celebrates progress made in Ethiopia during her lifetime, culminating with the rapid rise of the internet. But there’s a problem: inaccessible websites mean that more than 4 million visually impaired Ethiopians are being left behind, further excluded from a society in which they are already marginalized. Desta’s message is clear: visually impaired people cannot remain in society’s digital blind spot any longer. Hear the Blind Spot launches with a special live performance of Desta’s story at the sixth annual Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFAfrica), which will be hosted in Addis Ababa for the first time 23-26 September 2019. During the performance, sighted attendees will be invited to wear eye masks to experience the story in the same way as someone with severe visual impairment. Creating an experience that sighted and visually impaired people can share alike is crucial to the campaign, which hopes to build empathy and greater awareness about the digital exclusion of visually impaired people. Together! hope that many more live performances of ‘Hear the Blind Spot’ can take place at schools and in communities across the country. To achieve this goal Together! held the first Hear The Blind Spot campaign in Minilik primary school and Miyaziya 23 primary school. IMG_3289-300x200 Hear The Blind Spot Campaign IMG_3239-300x200 Hear The Blind Spot Campaign IMG_3235-300x200 Hear The Blind Spot Campaign IMG_3223-1-300x200 Hear The Blind Spot Campaign