Monthly Archive October 30, 2018


Important Visit by the First Lady of the Republic of Poland

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ethiopia has been closely cooperating with Together! Since 2015. It has done a great deal to strengthen Together!’s endeavor to boost the capacity of persons with visual impairment so as to enable them achieve success in all aspects of life. home-visit-of-Poland2-2-300x212 Important Visit by the First Lady of the Republic of Poland

A Visit from the Federal Ministry of Health

H.E Dr. Amir Aman, Federal Minister of Health , just paid an early Sunday morning visit to Together! He also discussed with Together! Ethiopian Residents Charity Organization Executive Director Mr. Berhanu Belay and other staff member as well. post1-297x300 A Visit from the Federal Ministry of Health Continue reading “A Visit from the Federal Ministry of Health” »

PADD visit Together!

  • Together! supports young visually impaired adults to continue their education or to start an own business. For this, we constantly need sponsors who are willing and committed to pay for the College or University fees, study materials and transportation costs for one visually impaired student which amount to approximately 40 Euro per month for a time span of 3 or 4 years.
  • If someone cannot make long-term commitments, but would like to assist the sponsorship program anyhow, there is also the opportunity to make a one-time or occasional donation as start-off capital for income generation for those motivated and creative visually impaired individuals who cannot enroll at higher educational institutions!
IMG_3530-300x200 PADD visit Together! BECOME A VOLUNTEER
  • Together! welcomes national and international volunteers who would like to gain work experience and enrich our project through their voluntary engagement!!!
  • Unfortunately, Together! is not able to provide financial assistance to its volunteers. However, we can provide a prosperous environment for volunteering and will assist our volunteers in other non-financial ways as best as we can!!!
IMG_3567-300x200 PADD visit Together!